Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Photos from Seance

I finally made my way back into The Belfry just before my show came down to snap some shots of the work on the walls. There are a couple of blurry images, so please forgive me. It seems the camera I was using is a trickster, lulling me into a false sense of sharpness and clarity.
 After an amazing trip for a behind the scenes tour at the Burke Museum, I picked up the remaining pieces from the show.  
And as an added bonus, this little guy.

We're the best of friends.

 Below, the gauntlet of images.

A Midnight Calling

 Fox Confessor

When the Horseman Comes

Gift of the Owl

 The Ancient Ones - Wolf

The Ancient Ones - Viero

 The Ancient Ones - Ram

Witch of the Wood

Conjuring the Wood Spirit

  Crow Skull

 Deer Skull

 Simian Skull

The Night Procession


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